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at 19:00, 17 Dec 2006
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Yes to "Yes"
I just finished watching "Yes" including the "Extra Features" about "Where to shoot scene 54." Both the movie and that extra insight into making the movie were so touching and revealing. I have always advertantly and inadvertantly watched Sally Potter's movies due to their reflective nature. Also, their texture and sensuality and quiet passion just under the surface and sometimes on top of it are so much like my own personality. The way Potter uses color in her films is very methodical and the results are often vibrant, beautiful compositions that stay with you long after the film. It's interesting to find out that she used to dance because the scene where "He" goes to meet "She" in Cuba and they both sit on the bed and then he lays his head in her lap is sooooo choreographed that I had to watch it again. I feel like Sally placed Joan's hands on her lap just so and showed Simon exactly how to drape his body across the bed so his head landed perfectly for Joan to stroke his luscious, curly locks. mmm mm mm!!!!! Delicious filmmaking. I love it!!!! All of my senses are satisfied. Sally Potter's role in the film industry as well must be applauded. She operates much like "Neo" in "the Matrix," ignoring all the rules in search of the truth. Rock on, Ms. Potter. I hope to participate in a project as beautiful and relevant as this film someday.
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