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oskar lewis
at 14:02, 24 Mar 2007
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dirt, as we are...
There is always something we leave behind...
I just saw the film, and I'm glad there is something like this blog, just to ventilate something. I can't find words, right now. There is just that 'sad' feeling that's pushing up in my throat. There is so many I recognise in this film: the rational thoughts of HER, trying to explain HIS poetry, and both of them missing the point but still wanting each other. The HUSBAND, so alone in his trouble, not mans enough to sing out loud. Such a hard images. And then those environments, those decors of life, nature, cities, cars, microscopes... We're all so alone, and like cells, wanting each other, trying not to be alone. But like the AUNT, we die alone. Let's spend the time we have in harmony, please.
oskar lewis
at 14:03, 24 Mar 2007
Posts: 2
I forgot...
Thanks, Sally, to leave us that film. It touched me.
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