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at 22:11, 9 Jul 2005
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From here to eternity...?...
From here to eternity...?...
I wrote this awhile ago but didn't send it because I wanted to express myself "perfectly", and didn't feel that was the case....But I went to the see the film again today with a friend ( who loved it) and decided that what I had already written was in fact alright...Yes it was...

" Hi Sally I'm happy to be able to participate....

I've only seen YES once in my life in Telluride last year and it never left me.

Like my friend Mike Newman posted in this web site, I'm also an aspiring filmmaker (Poet, maybe?), and my work consists on the search for some sort of common emotion, some sort of link that can connect me with other humans in every single aspect of our similarities, after all we are made of the same "stuff." That search has proven itself almost impossible because of many intricate characteristics of our kind that at the same time makes us so similar and so different by definition. Lost in this search for this subjective artistic "something" that at least would make me feel good about being part of this world, I accidentally ran right into YES...
Like I told you in telluride... I, a Brazilian male 24 at the time, understood all the emotions of Joan's character like if they were my own, despite the fact that our backgrounds are so distinct. This experience - it had to be through art - was the closest I got to some sort of religious consciousness that somehow made my presence in this world simpler and more relevant, YES, because existence didn't seem to be that complicated to me anymore. I realized that other people felt the same...I was Joan’s character and she was me...That's how I felt and the acknowledgement of my belonginess made me feel really good. My question for you seems a little strange to me because I don't really know what I want to ask, but trying to express this new feeling I've got in words, I ask you: And now what's next? Artistically speaking because art is the medium I use to understand things, what is left for us as humans to investigate, to try to show to other humans? After crossing political borders, acknowledging love and its unexplainable nature, we had a hint of what god could or should really mean …but beyond that what else could art do in order to change (Change?) or at least point out to other people that our reality could in fact be a little different from what is ordinarily perceived? And could it bring an extraordinary, yet very simple, sense of communality between people all over the world? All of that based on the fact that we are, simply, human beings….
Sorry for this…let’s call it “question,’ but that’s what your film led me to feel and I don’t know what else to say..

Despite my “confusion’ I just want to say – again- that I’m thankful for this film and to what it still does inside my heart and my memories…. I feel more human…

Thank you..
Miguel Silveira "

PS: my correct e-mail is >< ...just in case :-)
sally potter
at 09:50, 15 Jul 2005
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I have read your message several times. Your response to the film is very moving. I find it touching that you could so identify with Joan’s character and then process the identification in such a profound way. It takes courage and integrity to ‘meet’ a film in this way. One thing I have observed in the great artists I have been privileged to meet is exactly that quality….an extreme openness to the work of others – not all work, certainly, but that which seems to speak to them directly if undefinably.
So, as to what next…for me the time is coming, soon, to embark on another film, having learned so much from this one (and from those who have seen it and responded to it, as you have). Generally, I don’t know. We are each participating in the project of finding out what art can do, how it can work on the subtle body.
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