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at 11:26, 13 Aug 2005
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a poetic heartbeat.. and I feel it. thankyou
Hi. I saw Yes last night. And it's left me with a lovely good feeling,a sweet taste at the back of my senses all day. When I go to track it down, as you do, was it a an exchanged look, a cute guy, a text message, its your film. Funny. Its the poetry of your film. As I came out last night, I passed a quote which said you had expressed the language of emotion, and I thought that summed it up beautifully. You cut through the crap and went to the heart of each person, so they were able to speak their eloquence, and as an audience member I felt and appreciated each person.
It reminded me of Shakespeare, of course, but also what I read the other day about Shakespeares incredible gift, what makes his writing so exceptional, is that he gives each character a point of view, an eloquent incisive voice.
In a period where we are given protagonists, given an argument, a clear path and dictated to as the viewer, you defied that and presented people and their pains and feelings. Stunnning and brave and inspired and most of all inspiring.
I am a young theatre director, working on The Tempest at the moment. I am adapting it to a factory. I came out re invigorated, and also starting to think about this notion of the poetic heartbeat, iambic pentameter reaching into a persons soul, cutting out the crap as they key into that essential rythm. or freed by having defined space within which to communicate.
Do I have a question? I dont think so. More to say thankyou. I am inspired. I used to always write poetry, and you have reconnected me to that. But also, I think I've been flailing a little as of late, and okay with it becuase thats my journey, but wondering about where art can reach people. I think there are of course many routes, but as a director, and a creator, I like the idea of one day mainlining. heart communication. And I think you did that. And it just reminded me of what it feels like to be touched, and reached out to, and spoken to with honesty. Honesty. Thats key isn't it.
Thankyou and congratulations
sally potter
at 07:36, 14 Aug 2005
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thank you
thank you for this beautiful message. I send you my very best wishes for your work, that you find courage and strength where you need it, stamina of course, and joy as an added bonus.
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