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at 13:26, 10 Sep 2005
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my arabian husband
Dear Sally,

I am an american girl and I've been married to my husband (he is from Saudi Arabia) for 4 years. Needless to say our marriage has been constantly up and down due to cultural differences. I am irish-american and I have to tell you something so profound...

My husband finds it really difficult to stay in America due to prejudice and the duty he feels to his family. He may have a job in Saudi Arabia so he went back last Monday. He says he will never return to the United States. I am finishing my masters in french in the US...

While looking on the computer today, I came across the trailer of your movie that my husband was looking at before he left.

I just wanted to thank you for making a movie that is really so close to my heart and I guess it is to my husband's too. I'm not sure what will happen with us, but he is willing to let me finish school and we'll see what happens. I may not see him for a long time, but I want to see your movie.

I live in the midwest and it may not even come here. Please let me know if it is going to be more widely dispersed and if not how can I quickly find a copy?

A most gracious thank you and I'm looking forward to seeing "our story" come across on screen and hopefully one day I'll be able to watch it with my husband!
at 09:36, 11 Sep 2005
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I also wanted to add that I find it absolutely brilliant the idea of having the lovers meet in the neutral country of Cuba considering the political history of Cuba and the simple fact that they would both be considered foreigners. I've thought about moving to a neutral country, but I don't see that happening for us. Again, I really appreciate your sensitivity to this type of relationship and all of its undertones.
at 04:38, 13 Sep 2005
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Sally Potter is currently on holiday but she will respond in due course. Thank you for your message.

In the meantime please click here for theaters in the US currently playing YES:

The DVD of YES will be available in the US in Nov 05 and you will be able to buy it through Amazon. Please see the DVD page of this site for updates.
at 12:58, 14 Sep 2005
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Frantz Fanon
I also wanted to ask if you have read anything by Frantz Fanon? After finishing: Peau Noire, Masques Blancs I kept pondering this line:

Superiority? Inferiority?

Why not the quite simple attempt to touch the other, to feel the other, to explain the other to myself?
Was my freedom not given to me then in order to build the world of the You?
At the conclusion of this study, I want the world to recognize, with me, the open door of every consciousness.
My final prayer:
O my body, make of me always a man who questions!

Just a note, I found it very promising that you said you starting dancing later in your life...i danced when i was small and didn't keep up with it and never quite got on point either but it is nice to know that you can go in there and make a movie such as the Tango Lesson!!

Merci beaucoup. Je vais lire le screenplay et je vais aller a Kansas City en esperant de voir le film la semaine prochaine. Merci encore a vous et aussi a Simon pour cet beau film.
at 17:54, 18 Sep 2005
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Cuba doesn't exist
Dear Sally,

I've seen your film since my first posting, my mom took me as a surprise over the weekend. It was brilliant just as I expected. At the end before the credits, I kept thinking that I didn't want the maid to leave and I didn't want the moment to end. As sensitive of a filmmaker you are you knew, and shots of the maid kept coming back when the credits began rolling. I've been reading other posts and viewers asked why the happy ending. I don't believe the film ended happily...yes, on the surface they are on the beach, he came back to her, they are kissing...yet they are in Cuba, where the great dream of communism once was as the aunt put so well, you must go to Cuba...yet the dream of utopia in Cuba has slowly died and the once vibrant Cuba has been plunged into poverty. Just as in Cuba, with the love of he and she, there are inevitable problems and ambiguities. In my life, my husband has left me and he now wants a divorce, this is my reality and I can't hide behind the utopia anymore. I've been used and now that he is finished he doesn't want me anymore.
at 19:10, 22 Sep 2005
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false alarm
Just an update...

I guess we were having our own version of the parking lot scene on that particular day...advice to patient and if you have a fight with your spouse don't tell anyone!
sally potter
at 03:21, 21 Oct 2005
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Arabian husband
So glad to hear it all worked out.

Don’t worry about having shared your dilemmas. Maybe by being open you helped someone else.
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