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john shade
at 23:27, 28 Oct 2005
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honest doubt
I was personally very moved by many aspects of Yes, but the fact that it explored spirituality with an honest look at how it actually impacted the characters rather than the usual stereotypes was especially powerful. The way that doubt is portrayed as an integral part of religion was both refreshing and inspiring. As much as I could relate to the themes of death and the loss of loved ones, to see characters honestly grapple with the tension between suffering and faith was even more emotional...just before I saw the movie I had completed a study on religous/mystic writer Simone Weil, and I found that Yes approached the theme of religion, like the best theologians, in the most powerful way possible, by looking into the profoundly human realm between belief and doubt. Anyways, I just wanted to thank you Sally for handling these themes which such grace and honesty and making one of the most spiritually potent movies I have seen in a long time.
sally potter
at 12:23, 18 Nov 2005
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I am gladdened and gratified by your reading of the spiritual themes in YES, and of the questions they raise, including the importance of doubt. Because the political themes in the film are currently so potent in the world it seems that other aspects of the film, including the transcendent ones, can sometimes get overshadowed. But that is why I chose to give the cleaner, whose ruminations are the most gently philosophical, the last word.
at 09:18, 6 Jan 2006
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doubts thoughts silence

The often unspoken self talk, the voices of our own selves that run through our minds again and again. They are like prayers, mantras, noise. It portrays and reveals doubts. Sometimes if we voiced the words running in our minds the doubt we are outwardly expressing would diffuse, no longer be able to exist. Other times it is the opposite, the doubts, beliefs, or thoughts in our minds stay there.

It is a challenge for humanity to search and express what we are truly feeling in the most authentic way. In YES we watch first as SHE argues with the Husband. He tells her she says the first thing into her mind. There is very little of self talk, except when she imagines love between them. Then with HE we hear HER hold back and then the words come through, barely audible. just as HER AUNT whispers "Castro". it seems the importance is on listening. really listening to ourselves and the other.
peace amanda
sally potter
at 09:08, 29 Mar 2006
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yes, we cannot stress it enough. listening well is one of the most powerful tools we have.
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