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at 12:55, 1 May 2006
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Cities & Moods
dear sally,
i just go with the flow of many voices of recognition and amazement for your work! especially to the moods you create in films and anytime you write in this (very good idea) blog. since tango lesson - i have a special taste on my tongue and a peculiar image in mind for buenos aires. and this is (in my opinion) very important for films, to move and to make people feel or imagine.
this is maybe kind of synthesis of all topics, but of course cities play an independent role. and poetry, moods and pictures we can easily link to it.
for instance - i live in berlin and loved your entry about your time there/ here. the photos of the christmas market - the potsdamer platz ... maybe i can even feel what mood you had being there.
i was indeed kind of 'changed' after long waiting and seeing your film this winter. i had such a desire to leave sad berlin for habana because of the feelings & pictures or for beyrouth, because of poetry in the manner of gibran and related feelings for all my respect & love to simon! you mooved worlds in me, you can't imagine...
i remember the key moment from tango lesson - the café and you both talking, and then pablo's saying about his identity. we & our identities live in cities - for some times and reasons it is not easy to leave them, when they can't comfort your mentality, hunger or thirst. they become golden cages.
reading simon's warm words on yerevan - i feel the same rumour. he was there. in this city. have you ever been to yerevan? i was. last summer. same time as he was! (why we didn't meet...) for my first time. for this is my identity-splitter.

keep on creating such films you do and moods that move us. all pictures will rest as moods in me and i am curious to visit those places you introduced to me.

for your work in progress ;): try those armenian abricots - their taste smell form texture and symbol ambiguity will give you energy and inspiration, and leave the mood of summer in yerevan on your skin
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