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at 07:19, 12 May 2006
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A level exam!
Hello, I am currently carrying out research for my A level Media Studies exam. My topic area is women in film and my problematic is: "To what extent does the director Sally Potter, in her films, portray women's characters and issues in a different way to traditional Hollywood". This is a questionnaire I have devised for Sally that would help me greatly with my studies. Thank you!

1) With specific reference to your films Orlando, The Tango Lesson and The Man Who Cried, what were the particular gender issues you attempted to address?

2) How successfully do you feel your films address women’s issues and portray their characters differently to that of traditional Hollywood cinema?

3) Do you think that traditional Hollywood portrayed women’s characters negatively?

4) Do you see your films as, originally, a counterbalance to the typical representations of women churned out by Hollywood? What were the creative impulses that took you down the particular road you have chosen to go down in your films?

5) Are you aware of any influence your films have had in constructing narratives and characters in mainstream cinema?

6) What do you think are the problems in addressing a particular gender within a commercial filmmaking environment?

7) With specific reference to your films Orlando, The Tango Lesson and The Man Who Cried, how easy was it to generate finance, given the unusual content and approach of the films? (Perhaps the scene in the Tango Lesson where you present your film to a panel of producers is a reflection of your own true experience?)

8) To what extent do you feel were commercial interests sympathetic to your ideas?

9) What level or sort of response have you had for any or all of your films (from the audience or public)?

10) Do you see yourself as a feminist? Or do you feel you have been typecast as a feminist filmmaker? Or are you simply an artist who explores areas that are less well covered in mainstream cinema?

11) If you had not had commercial restraints, would you have made the films the way you did? How close were your end results to the original pitch?

at 11:20, 31 May 2006
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Apologies for the delay in response. Sally Potter is currently away so will probably not be able to respond for at least another few days/week.

In the meantime please browse within the FILMMAKING and OTHER TOPICS forums where Sally has answered similar questions, many at great length.

Please also see the British Film Institute's educational resource here
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