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at 07:19, 31 May 2006
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Hi Sally,

The reason I'm writing is because I've written a personal essay about the death of a dear friend of mine. Dispersed throughout the essay is wording from a scene (Nursing Home/Ward - Day) in your movie (with full credit to you of couse). I saw the movie "Yes" just before he died and that scene kept playing over in my head. I used that wording as a kind of springboard and explored it's meaning in relationship to my dying friend and also in relation to the feeling brought up in me by the loss of a loved one. I wrote this piece out of love and grief and intended to share it only with those whose lives he touched. However, I've been asked by the editor (a friend of mine) of an international literary journal (Arabesque Literary and Cultural Review) if I would consider publishing my essay in that journal. I would like for that to happen and so am writing now for permission to forward you the essay and, hopefully, receive your permission to include your writing as I have.

On another subject, I wrote to you about a mask that I made for you in honor of "Yes". I would still very much like to give that to you but don't know where to send it. On this and the subject above, I can be reached via email at Or you can visit my website at and find all my contact information there.

I truly look forward to hearing back from you and, once again, want to thank you for the depth of your work.

Yours truly,
Wendy Klein
at 03:37, 2 Jun 2006
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Thank you for your post, you have been contacted privately.
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