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at 08:13, 22 Jun 2006
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what if we were
what if we were asian, what if we were european, what if we were black,what if we were white, what if we were human.
Is that not what what it is all about in the end. Well as for as "god" gose we are all on this plant we should all live togeather is that not right?? Iam irish and i left Ireland when i was 21 years old to get away from the bitterness i came to Australia and meet my girlfriend who will soon be my wife.I grew up with all the bitterness and hatetride in N.Ireland and i have not seen my family for 6 years and i will go back for a wedding in october cant wait to see them but i know there will be trouble my sister will get marrired to an english man but he is a great guy i have not meet him yet but i have talked to him on the phone and he is looking after my younger sister i just do not know about the rest of the family.IF THERE IS ANY FROM N.IRELAND WHO CAN TELL ME WHAT IT IS LIKE NOW IN DERRY/LONDONDERRY PLEASES DO.thanks aussie
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