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at 04:21, 2 Feb 2006
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Dvds of Sally's early work
I love Sally's work and would like to get her three earlier films. That is 'Thriller' 'The gold diggers' and 'The london story'. Where could I get them? Because I've trawled the internet unsucessfully.
at 11:02, 3 Feb 2006
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Early Work DVD

We are currently hard at work at Adventure Pictures creating a Sally Potter archive of her previous films, photos, scripts and music.

Plans are afoot to create an early works DVD to include The Gold Diggers, The London Story, Thriller, Play, Jerk, Hors d'Oeuvres and Combines plus various exciting bonus features.

During 2006 we will also be launching a new, comprehensive and interactive website containing never seen before stills and footage.
at 07:17, 5 May 2006
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The Tango Lesson
Is there any hope for a Region 1 DVD of "The Tango Lesson"?
at 07:26, 30 Jun 2006
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The Tango Lesson
The Tango Lesson is one of my favorite films, I have been trying to find it on DVD or VHS for at least the last four (4) years if anyone can help me I would be most appreciative..........Shareef
at 10:07, 30 Jun 2006
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Tango Lesson

If you still have a working VCR, used VHS copies of "The Tango Lesson" are usually available on eBay, both in NTSC and PAL. Search for "Sally Potter", searching both title and description. The go very expensive, however. I have seen them sell for upwards of $40.00. If you are in Region 2, there is Region-specific DVD available (damn the movie companies and their Region crap).
at 15:19, 30 Jun 2006
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Thank you Igor,
Your very understandable and comprehensive response is appreciated..Now if I only new what "regions " is all about I would probably "damn" them as well (smile)...Please explain when you get the time...Shareef
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