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Falling into silence

A blur


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The next day (a blisteringly hot sunny day), finally, the film opened and the first reviews were out. Predictably, I suppose, as America itself is now a divided country, the reaction was sharply divided (for example, the Los Angeles Times very much for, the New York Times equally against). Some of the positive writing was ebullient, eulogizing. Others found the film ‘anti-American’. Some were very moved, some were resistant (See here). The variety of opinion was another example of the absurdity of film criticism ever pretending to objectivity. I strive to not let either kind of response go to my head (thinking of Kipling’s ‘twin imposters: success and failure’). Or perhaps go into my head would be more accurate. Reviews can have a haunting quality and pursue you like ghosts.

Andy Fierberg, Christopher Sheppard and I went to the early evening screening at the Sunshine theatre in New York and I did a Q&A afterwards. I was interested that most of the questions from the audience concerned religion. The very first one was: ’do you believe in God?’ It was a long answer.
The next morning I was up before dawn to fly back to London.

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Outside Sunshine Theatre

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