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at 15:40, 16 Apr 2006
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The Tango Lesson

Thank you for making this film, it has given me so much enjoyment. The dancing is sublime and then there is the music.........

I cannot dance a step, but after watching The Tango Lesson, one can always dream.

Good luck with your ongoing projects.


at 18:26, 5 Feb 2007
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The Tango Lesson
It's just a beautiful film. I loved it on so many levels...the music and dancing was just sublime, and the love story seemed so true to human nature. Ms. Potter, I'm just reading The Red and the Black, again, and the psychology of it reminded me of some of your films. You're a real artist.
sally potter
at 04:01, 1 Mar 2007
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Brian, you can do more than dream. There is a secret dancer in every one of us just waiting to be let out. After that it is just practice.

Bill, thank you.
at 08:45, 12 Mar 2007
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The Tango Lesson
I just have to say thank you for the beautiful film you have made...! I saw "The Tango Lesson" for the first time last week, and in a weird way I simply can't get it out of my head. I started learning tango some months ago, and being a violinist I am about to start playing a bit as well. I am totally crazy about this (dancing tango is the only thing I want to do nowadays), and I could really see in your film that this (obviously) is your passion. And recognizing that made me love it even more, feeling that I got to know the characters in the film and shared their passion. Your language is also so beautiful, the poetry in the sentences. Oh, I don't have any sensible to say really, just wanted to say: Thank you so much, Sally.

Sunniva (who have started dreaming of moving to Buenos Aires for a while) :)
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