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Patricia Lee
at 09:37, 25 Jun 2006
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I have just seen YES and find it a wonderful movie. However,
our cable "reviewer" gave it 2 1/2 stars. Obviously he/she didn't
really see it, or he/she is just too young or dumb to get it.
I particularly liked the dialog written as poetry. It is a most
creative and interesting film.

As the daughter of a Cuban who left because of another dictator
in '30s, it was interesting to see SP's take on the country.
I correspond regularly with a cousin in Havana, and am so saddened
by her penurious and difficult life. She is a teacher, wife of a teacher and mother of a beautiful, talented 19 year-old daughter.
I'm not sure that SP really saw all that Cuba has lost due to stupid American policies. What would have happened if we had just let
things be?

Cuba had most advanced and liberal society of Latin America in
the 50's. The standard of living was the highest then. But un-
fortunately it also had very corrupt politicians. I lived in
Miami when the "exodus" began and met all sorts of disillusioned well-to-do Cubans working at whatever they could to survive.
Many of my relatives (that I hardly knew) came, too. The air was heavy with talk of counter-revolution and invasions, which we all
know came to naught and the loss of some of Cuba's best sons.

Fidel had such promise, but he wanted to be "King" and has been
ever since. I don't condone our materialistic society, but neither
do I condone the totalitarianism in Cuba now. There are many sad
stories - too many to tell. I hope someday, after Fidel is gone,
that I can return to visit my father's homeland and meet the
relatives that remained.

YES is a wonderful, powerful movie and I will see it again.
It is so pertinent to the terrible state of things between
the West and the Mideast. I agree that the West only sees things
as they wish. However,the East does the same. If only everyone
in the world were more tolerant of each other's differences, how wonderful it could be!

sally potter
at 05:52, 17 Jul 2006
Posts: 193
Your story is such an interesting one.
The responses to the Cuba section in YES have been so complex, so contradictory and in some cases so inflammatory, (particularly in public Q and A sessions in the USA) that I can hardly wait to return there - i know that I am privileged to be able to - and try and understand more both about its history and present.. In the meantime I read what I can. I hope you are able to follow your own story, both ancestral and into the future, wherever it needs to go.
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