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at 04:24, 11 Sep 2006
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Old School Friends!
Hello Sally,

My name is Maxine Robinson (nee Simms). We were at school together in the 60's (dare I admit that?!)but I can't remember which school it was. I know we were friends at the time but as with most school relationships, when you leave, you tend to leave those friends behind to concentrate on your career and future life! The Schools were either:- Gospel Oak Primary; Arts Educational, Herts or Sawbridgeworth School for Girls, Herts! I don't think we went to the City Lit together but 40 odd years is a long time to remember exactly. The first time I heard your name as a successful 'female' director, I was quite excited and very pleased for you. I have had other friendships and performed with actors who have gone on to become very successful and its really good to know that they have done well for themselves! I have had a modicom of success within the field and I'm still working at it. Wouldn't change it for the world!

You may decide not to reply, which is fine. I will understand! You might not even remember me at all (although if you saw what I looked like there would probably be some recognition!). I'm 4'10" olive skinned and at the time, was quite slim & wirey and I had very curly dark brown hair (Afro-ish)!

Anyway, all I really wanted to do was say 'Hi'. Congratulate you on your success and hope that perhaps one day, we may meet up again and perhaps reminiss (not sure about the spelling on that!) and laugh over a glass or two of wine!

Best Wishes

Maxine x
at 09:57, 14 Sep 2006
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Old School Friends!
Many thanks for your message. Sally Potter is currently out of the country but she will respond in due course.
sally potter
at 03:18, 17 Oct 2006
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I remember you, Maxine. It was Gospel Oak School and I have a class photograph. Miss Edmonds was the teacher, then Miss Marsh. I remember your wirey body and curly hair. I also remember you dancing. In fact I think you had some enviable pink leather dance shoes. Best wishes to you too.
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