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at 15:45, 15 Aug 2006
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YES for the theatre?
Dear Sally - this is Nina from Norway calling you :) I am a big fan of your work and even more after to night when i saw YES. I was so happy and so inspired. I am a director myself and I wonder if it's possible to do your screenplay on stage? Its a important subject this days, and I don't want it to go away. Your film is there, but it has to be reminded and maybe is the stage a place for it? What do you think about that idea, and what about the rights? Come too Stockholm and direct it, or I will :) Hope too hear from you.
at 12:04, 16 Aug 2006
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Stage version of YES?

Dear Nina,
Sally is interested to discuss this further with you. Can we please have your email address.
Thank you.
at 15:43, 27 Aug 2006
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My e-mail
Hey again, and sorry for being so late e-mail is : or I hope to hear form you :)
at 10:01, 14 Sep 2006
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YES for the theatre?
Many thanks for your reply, Nina. Your details have been forwarded to the relevant person.
sally potter
at 03:19, 17 Oct 2006
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I am very happy for YES to be produced on the stage. I am working on an adaptation myself and am open to the ideas and suggestions which are now coming from different countries for it to find a theatrical life. I love the idea of the text finding new forms and moving through different interpretations and translations. Stockholm – what a beautiful city, I don’t know if I can come and direct it myself but let’s talk some more.
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