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at 16:36, 14 Oct 2006
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RE: New to website & Casting

I'm an actress and have just discovered your website which I have to say I am totally impressed with, it's really nice to find someone within the industry who is willing to give advice.
I did glance over the website before I asked this question just to see if anyone had asked the obvious.
Do you deal with casting or do you always use a freelance casting director for your films? How much input do you have in that area? Do you receive hundreds of CV's, photo's and showreels a week? Do you actually call anyone in?
Don't worry I won't send my detail's in, I'm just interested. Thanks! Maria :)
sally potter
at 05:25, 19 Oct 2006
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yes, we get a lot of CVs and photographs sent in by actors.
We try and look at them, but in all honesty it is not the way that casting happens.

Casting a film is perhaps the single most important directorial decision on a film. I usually spend a lot of time on it, sometimes swift and sure about who i think is right, but sometimes agonising, checking and rechecking my instincts. Sometimes I know who I want to work with even before I write a word of a screenplay. Sometimes I hold the memory of a person I have seen in a film or play, or met at a party, for years before I get to work with them. (In that sense, by the way, from the actor's point of view, good work or a warm or interesting encounter is never wasted, even if at the time it does not seem to lead anywhere).
I always work with a casting director when we get closer to the film going into production. Many conversations are had, many tapes are viewed, long days of auditions are sweated through. We brainstorm again and again, we argue, we gnash our teeth and laugh and sigh. No decision is taken lightly, whether over the lead roles or the so-called minor parts. I am even a fanatic about extras and will study photos of faces for crowds.

Of course in cinema there are other considerations as well. Film financing is intimately linked with casting. Financiers and producers always take a view, sometimes an inappropriate one. I have often fought for my chosen actors against the tide of fashion, and will continue to do so.

at 06:06, 19 Oct 2006
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Insight to Casting
It's always good to get an inside perspective and I am aware that it differs from person to person. It's nice to have some hope that a person does like your work and may work with you in the future. It's a positive thought to hold onto for an actor/actress as we sometimes feel too negative about how auditions went and give ourselves far too little credit.
Thank you, Maria :)
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