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at 13:49, 18 Aug 2006
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Dearest Sally Potter...
Dearest Sally Potter,

I feel my words are failing me as I am trying to express my sincerest admiration and my deepest gratitude to you for having created this magic that continues to be a pure blessing to my soul, even days and days after having seen your film. In fact, I don’t like to think about “YES” as a film at all, it is rather a deeply intimate experience that I have felt and lived through with every part of my being. In many ways, I feel like so much has changed inside me with this experience, and the tears I cry even at the mere thought at some particular moments from this visual magic that you created, perhaps speak louder than any words that I would like to send to you.
I am deeply, deeply shaken.

Blessed love and my deep admiration
sally potter
at 03:23, 17 Oct 2006
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I am honoured to know that YES has touched you in the way you so beautifully describe. Thank you for writing. I have always thought of film as an intensely intimate form of communication, despite the fact that it is a mass-medium, and it is good to know that you have experienced it in this way. Your words also express your openness, of course, to receive and transmute : you have entered into a dialogue, you have listened, you have spoken.
at 10:01, 3 Dec 2006
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Thank you
Thank you for this movie. It was such an inspiration to me. I started crying about half way through and am still crying as I write this. I am deeply moved and feel blessed that there are people like you who share their gift with the world.
sally potter
at 11:35, 6 Jan 2007
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Thank you too
Thank you for telling me of your tears, each one a blessing and validation.
at 12:48, 7 Jan 2007
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Another heartfelt thank you...
Hello Sally - I own a copy of Yes and have watched it several times over the past year. Each viewing I am moved in different ways by different things. I continue to lose myself on each journey - left breathless with love, lust, aching loneliness, shame, and hope…the movie’s ending is a touchstone – a reassurance that there is only one word – YES – despite separation, death, misunderstanding. I watch your movie every time with not only my eyes but my soul and body - the messages, images and sounds reverberate against surfaces inside me that are often ignored. It is interesting that a film, with its original message borne from that shocking September morning, can be such a poignant companion and reflection of so many individuals’ lives in various stages of bliss, disarray and alienation. It is, again, a testament that there truly is only YES. Thank you for this gift. Simon Azkabian and Joan Allen are breathtaking – quite literally. I look forward to your next film, as I have since Orlando. Thank you for your truth and for sharing it so eloquently with us all.
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