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at 01:34, 9 Jan 2007
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POLAND festival
I would like to show 2 Sally Potters films on festival in Warsaw in Poland, but from where I should get them, and how much it cost (I think about Thriller and The London Story, or Orlando and The London Story), and I would like to also invite Mrs Sally Potter in May 2007 for the Festival (can I send the presentation for her?)
Best regards,
agata tuka
at 05:36, 22 Jan 2007
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invitation for Sally Potter and polish festival
i adore the idea.i'm writing about Sally creation for my magister degree.i can help.why am i writing in english:)?agato mogê pomóc i bardzo tego pragne, w maju broniê magisterki która poswiêcona jest 3 filmom Sally Potter: Lekcja tanga, Orlando i Cz³owiek który p³aka³, byæ moze umieszczê te¿ rozdzia³ dotycz¹cy Yes.w ka¿dym razie fascynuje mnie twórczoœæ Sally i pragnê w³¹czyc siê we wszelkie dzia³ania które maja na celu ukazanie jej niezwyk³ych filmów.zostawiê mój mail i tel. gdybys by³a, tel.665 234 063.
at 05:51, 23 Jan 2007
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POLAND festival
Dear Agata, you have been contacted privately.
at 04:21, 1 Feb 2007
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I tried but as far as I know (I received such a message) my email failed. But please could you write some informations how we can show Ms. Potter films on my email
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