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at 08:35, 18 Jan 2007
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Thank you for Tango Lesson
Dear Mrs. Potter,
I just watched your wonderful film and had to cry. I don´t want to list all the reasons, but I was deeply touched specially by this difficult relation between two artists... and the way they deal with it and how I loved the way you "acted" Sally. This woman is so strong and has such a calm charisma (hope you understand what I mean, don´t know if you can say it like this in English). Thank you for this film it encouraged me with a decision I had taken.

Love from Berlin

at 13:47, 6 Feb 2007
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Ms. Potter you are intuitive and a genius and Simon Abkarian is a god!
Ms. Potter,
I have been a HUGE fan of yours since Orlando. I have been following your work since. I first saw Yes when it came out in theaters, and I watched it again the other day on DVD. Wow! What a movie, what a piece of art! How perfect was your casting????? Joan Allen and Simon Abkarian were made for this movie! This movie haunts me, day and night, and go over the dialogue and characters' thoughts...Brava Ms. Potter! You have my total and devoted admiration,
Elizabeth Casillas-Stergiou
Culver City, California
sally potter
at 04:18, 1 Mar 2007
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Thank you Lilia and Liz, for these two lovely responses.

Lilia I am so glad you saw that I was ‘acting’ Sally….it is a subtle distinction but an important one. And the relationship between artists is often misunderstood. The love of colleagues, one for the other, can be as complex as any love affair.

Liz: Joan and Simon were indeed perfect….as actors and as collaborators; we have remained close. It is a joy when casting casts its alchemical spell.
at 07:45, 6 Mar 2007
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Thank you
I would also like to thank you with all my heart for The Tango Lesson. It is the only movie of yours that I've seen (not really available in Romania and I am not a big fan of download hubs). It's been an amazing experience and I think it's the kind of movie you can watch over and over again and find surprisingly new meanings.

I also have very personal reasons to love the movie so much. In the end, it was part of why I last fell in love. So thank you again, really great work!

As for my reviews of it, which are quite personal and not professional ones, they are here:
The second one is more of a quick note. :)

at 17:47, 6 Mar 2007
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Thank you for my tango lesson
I was at a private tango party on Saturday night, looking around at all the friends I have made in the past three years - a whole set of new friends, of diverse talents, diverse nationalities, diverse faiths, diverse personalities - and I marveled at what can come from seeing one film. On my way home (the party was in the country, full of stars and rain and trees and sheep - being New Zealand there are always sheep!) I thought I should find a way to contact you, Sally, to thank you for the richness your film has bought into my life.

I saw 'The Tango Lesson' at the New Zealand film festival in 1998/99 and instantly recognised myself! Finding my own tango lesson was rather like the film - phone calls to dance studios had the expected responses: 'Yes, we teach ballroom tango','I don't want to learn ballroom tango, I want to learn proper tango', 'Sorry, we don't teach that' (Note, I live in the provinces). Five years later I heard there were classes being taught in a bar downtown. I took myself up a very dark scarey staircases next to a tattoo parlour and start to learn to dance.

Now I have been dancing for about 3-4years and enjoy the very active tango community in NZ - the festival is coming up with more opportunities to learn and have fun. My old ballet teacher is even learning a little and sharing tango chat with me - which is rather incredible and a wonderful reversal of roles to share with someone who taught me dance from the age of 6! So many thanks, Sally, for your vision and gift.

Best wishes with all your ventures (as a writer and lover of poetry I loved 'Yes' as well, so expect to be surprised and satisfied by whatever comes next)
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