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at 12:13, 29 Mar 2007
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comment on "On a Train" - Sally's blog (Feb 28, 2007)
Dear Sally,
I have been reading the messages posted on the website since YES was released in London. They have accompanied me in my tribulations, and I found inspiration and solace in reading your and other people's comments. I attended the premiere of YES in Mayfair, London, where you gave a Q&A. I remember coming out saddened, puzzled, very touched, as well as exhilarated by the power of truth contained in the parking scene.

There may be lots of blogs out there, but in a world awashed with noise, propaganda and redundancies, your voice and clarity of purpose have been very precious. The generosity with which you reach out to us and expose your views through this website are unique. You have helped me in my quest for (moral) clarity on the many complicated issues raised by your films.

I thank you for being there and hope you continue to find the motivation to write blogs and comments to us.

With much respect and gratitude,
Thi Minh
(also a Tango dancer :-) - Thank you also for the Tango Lesson)
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