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at 09:46, 4 Feb 2007
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The man who cried

I think the use of the opera songs in The Man Who Cried were absolutely beautiful, and I loved the Yiddish version of Je crois entendre encore.

For me the film is about individuals that were driven by the tides of life and changes in society. The social context seemed important in the begining, but in the end I just felt that it didn't matter at all, as no matter how much we try we are only too small in the evolution of our world and time, and too big in our own right. There was such a feeling of loneliness and emptiness throughout the film, which I believe summarised the struggle of the characters against their fate, losses and time.

I don't know if it was your intention to depict the gypsies as a direct contrast to the other characters. I believed the contrast between the main characters' and the gypsies' values and views towards life captured the essence of this film.

sally potter
at 04:08, 1 Mar 2007
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I wanted to make links between the fate of the jews and the gypsies in the second world war and also explore how the human voice transcends difference and can express through song the profound human experiences all peoples have in common.
However, as the film progressed and I worked with the gypsy musicians and performers (all of the ‘extras’ were gypsies living in and around Paris)I was consumed with desire to go much further in that direction and put the gypsies and their music more at the centre of the story, but was locked into a script and schedule which I could not really depart from. Although I wrote the script, so I cannot blame anyone else, I usually have more flexibility to take my ideas in another direction -even during the shoot- if the story or situation seems to demand it.
I continue to be a passionate admirer of much gypsy music and I loved and respected the people I worked with on this film. I wish I could have done more with them and for them.
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