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at 05:32, 26 Mar 2007
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YES in Creteil's festival (FRANCE)
Dear Sally

I am glad to find your blog. I am going to discover your movie "Yes" Thursday 29th of march in Créteil, and it is nice that the festival is dedicated to the british cinema because I have a dream...

You may discover my message today,in few weeks, or months, but on Thursday 29th I shall try at the end of the debate following "YES" to give you a short letter introducing myself as a french scriptwriter. It is quite difficult to act in a discreet way but it is a nice and important challenge for me.. you will know my reaction towards your movie "YES" during the conference or later on your blog.

My name is céline Kamadaye (just in case you get my letter that
special thursday) special for me It is like the beginning of a movie! the character typing few words on a blog and the story is starting! I am a scriptwriter looking for an international director and specially british one. I have a story called "the portrait of Eva's"taking place in England,in Exeter and London. Further words in my letter next thursday 29th of march 2007.
my best
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