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at 14:03, 29 Mar 2007
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Our Daily Cravings for Communication

I watched the film Before Sunset (directed by Richard Linklater) today for the first time, I couldn't believe I've only discovered it today and I watched twice in 24 hours.

The feelings were intense while I watched the two people's conversation grew with their connections and affections for each other. What really touched me was how similar these conversations felt as it is almost what I talk about everyday due to the particular nature of my postgraduate programme; and how it reminded me of what is missing from my life - passionate communications with someone who might be able to understand or share.

They talked about environmental issues, heros (Che in perticular)and leaders, desires that's constructive or destructive, and the general dissatisfaction with love and life as romantic&heroic dreams die while they grew old. In essence, they are two people searching for a sparkle in their lives to light up the darkness and emptiness built up through the cruelty of time. They are as eager for each other's touches and bodies as for their intelletual/spiritual intercourse and consolation.

I thought romantic films were dead, how wrong was I!! Time flew by as the entire film was a conversation which never was both realistic and mindblowing, something that I can connect with.

I love films that capture the little hidden desires and frustrations of us, a generation that is bombarded by technology and yet somehow lost our ability to communicate on a deeper level. YES is also one of them.

I just thought I'd share this with you.

best wishes, Daishu

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