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BUCHAREST - 4 November

Dimitrie Gusti

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The next day we visit the outdoor ‘village museum’ (Dimitrie Gusti) which consists of wooden houses brought from across the country and re-assembled in their entirety, including all the furniture. A signpost points, in one direction, to Transylvania and in another to Moldavia. In the soft autumn sunshine, surrounded by falling leaves, I am overcome by a bucolic rural fatigue. I want to lie down in the warmth and sleep. I want to go inside the houses and lie down on one of the wooden beds and sleep. I want to curl up in front of one of the huge whitewashed ovens and sleep. Instead I content myself by looking at joints, dovetail and tenon (a current obsession) at huge old beams and wide floorboards, at the protective narrow verandas in front of every house, admiring the scale of the buildings, the beautifully proportioned rooms, the loving care in the simple carvings on the doors and gates. I am consumed a desire to travel into rural Romania, to listen to the music, look at the meadows and mountains, snooze on verandas, eat sheep’s cheese.

In the evening it is time for the screening of YES. I am aware of the significance of the communist references in the auntie’s monologue, and the inevitable questions about Cuba. After the Q&A a young woman asks me if I will be bringing the blog up to date and says, gratifyingly, that she has been reading and enjoying it from the beginning. Well, here you are. I do not know your name but you know who you are.

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