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at 19:01, 21 Sep 2005
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To Ms. Potter-A compliment and a question
I just want to say, Ms. Potter, that directors like you are the ones that inspire me. It's so absorbing and refreshing to see a movie of such originality--so many directors have turned to making such big Hollywood mainstream blockbusters. Your film was beautiful, magnificently directed, and just so so original in its own unique way. I'm working on a film now and was pleased to see a technique in YES in which I was brainstorming about--characters talking or looking at the camera. I love that!!!

I wanted to also know, in your words, what you wanted to emphasize through the last verse that Shirley Henderson speaks...."there is only YES" and what it means to you as the writer/director. Also, there have been many interpretations of the film, but to hear your thoughts on the janitor(s) looking at the camera would be great. (or just the characters looking at the camera, in general)

Sorry about the long post.

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