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at 08:53, 31 Mar 2007
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yes in creteil from Céline
HELLO sally
I have seen your film this week during the women festival in Créteil and your ambassador the producer Christopher SHEPPARD who did a good job on your behalf. He came to anwer to our questions or feelings.

I have been fascinated by 2 scenes, the conversation the lovers had at the begining of their affair about the numbers, they are talking about the numer one the number four and I had a strong feeling saying that I could write these sentences not your film but this part, because I have writen something about numbers this was the first emotion apart from all the discovery of your world.

The second is the extreme erotic part when the lovers are in the restaurant and he is seducing her and arouses her with word it is extremly sexy and hot and gives flesh to the strenght of words.

In creteil the audience apreciated your film and christopher SHEPPARD answered to my question about the title "YES". This was my feeling before asking him the question that the numbers in the story was the translation of the title "YES" and a transaltion of life, I like your poetic vision and you do not divide thing but find link between thing science, politics... and for me this film is not a story between a lebanon man and an european woman. It goes beyond that and this is why it is interesting because it could be the same story between 2 europeans or two lebanon... for me your characters are like mices ready for experementing something, something in our world in our humanity.

So Sally with a great pleasure (I wanted finally to be discreet during the festival so I did not give to CHRISTOPHER any letter for you in front of the audience) so it is with a great pleasure that I shall forward next week through the production company my letter to you. The last but not least this is a list of distributors I hope your film will find distributors network on the continent.

I do not know which companies Christopher has get through in France I wish that the Creteil festival will help and the coming CANNES FESTIVAL also with "un certain regard" or la quinzaine des réalisateurs" ARTE CHANEL could be a partner too.
so this is the link, with a list of distributors.

so my best sally
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