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at 01:15, 9 Oct 2005
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Icy moonlit night in Cumbria
Your films are extraordinary, always have been. Your eyes take perfect snapshots of the heart and its reasons and interior logic. Your mind transfers the snapshots to film and story and your talent and determination enable you to share them. I have a snapshot - more a video clip really - that is now more than 20 years old: the way the Lake District fells look on a wintry moonlit night, from somewhere that should have been a mountaintop but, amazingly, wasn't. The lights of the farmhouse twinkled minutely in the valley below and made it suddenly obvious what a loony and lovely adventure was being had. The best way down a snow-covered mountain in the middle of the night turns out to be the sitting position: the human toboggan made speedy by a layer of ice on the seat of the pants. That was an after-dinner walk I've never forgotten! Are you coming to Australia with Yes?
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