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Brent Mitton
at 11:08, 29 Oct 2005
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more buddhism in U

Hello Sally,

Just brought myself up to date with your adventures via your blog . . .

. . . and I found myself enjoying this moment:

The empty interview suite sits waiting next door to my room. Three days of interviews are about to begin, with lots of photo sessions, so it is time to try to wake myself up with a cold shower, put on an outfit, and prepare myself mentally for the sound of my own voice having opinions.

Remember the old 'Zen' haiku?

The old pond.
A frog jumps in,

sally potter
at 13:13, 18 Nov 2005
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I was recently in rural France. It was late at night and I stepped out to look at the stars in the black sky. But there was a concrete lampost nearby ruining my view , spreading an overbright yellow light in all directions. I stared at it fixedly, angrily, wondering how I could demolish it.
Then I became aware of some eyes looking fixedly at me from the base of the post. It was a fat ancient toad. I was obviously ruinng his view. What better place to sit in the night than in the shadows under a humming post with its lovely and convenient yellow light, all the better to see flies and other small creatures, if it wasn't for that human in the way.
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