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at 06:34, 18 Dec 2005
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About YES
Now I start a new life with the word ''YES''
thank you for opening my eyes!
sally potter
at 07:39, 23 Dec 2005
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new life
happy new year to you from sally
at 19:04, 30 Dec 2005
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new life
creating anew is my 46 years. married young, 6 children, home-birthed and home-schooled the children (in the early 80's when it was NOT accepted),marriage ended, started my own renovation business,received NO support- financial or otherwise from my ex! taught myself real estate because I was homemaker for 16 years- no one honored my skills,rebuilt historic homes in southeast, restored an irish cottage,restored antibellum estates in Georgia,etc.all while raising the 6 kids alone! now buying and developing multimillion dollar projects as CEO- only one son still at home and I left out a lot. each event above was a new life. It can be done!thank you sally
at 23:53, 31 Dec 2005
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thank you,
thank you. thank you Joan Allen, Simon Abkarian, Sam neill, and rest of the beautiful cast, and thank you Sally Potter and company. It's 2 hours into 2006 and thanks to you all, I get to be in love with film again. What a great year.
at 12:12, 3 Jan 2006
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"Yes" was wonderful!
Hello Sally,
I saw "Yes" to welcome in my New Year, and was deeply moved by the emotions and story. It was so romantic yet socially and politically relevant and poignant. I would like to take this opportunity to tell you how much I have loved your other films as well, especially, "The Tango Lesson," and "Orlando." May this year and beyond bring you continued success and joy in your film-making.
Best wishes,
Boston, MA
at 19:55, 21 Jan 2006
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Yes, I saw "Yes"!!
I'm mesmerized by the motion of the mouse...the circling of the word "yes"...if you move it around the right's missing one letter "z" in reverse....that's one word for the, intriguing, thought provoking....what an enjoyment! The soundtrack has me mesmerized, hooked...I plan to read all of Sally's diary to learn more about the woman responsible for "Yes".

Maybe I'm a late comer, but happy I discovered "Yes". Anyone who can relate to "Yes", I'm sure has a story to tell.

I've lived past relationships with a "foreigner" and there's much to learn from them and despite relationships moving on, there's always a memory that burns still and forget we not! Many issues with cultural differences (not religion, experienced here)as perceived by others, but what a wonderful learning experience and romance that many Americans weren't necessarily taught or learned (at least my experience growing up in the South..."US") All I can say to Sally is, "Thank you for the movie." Will there be other movies with similar themes?

at 01:19, 31 Jan 2006
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One of the greatest films
Last night I watched AManda July's "Me, You and Everyone We Know" and this evening was YES. Two truly great films by two of the most creative filmmakers of our time. Everything about the movie was so deeply moving. The direction, acting camera work and --- what a script!. With all of the mind deadening films that are so popular I'm really thrilled to see that a work of high art can get the funding to be released to a select number of true devotees of art films.

I rented the film from Netflix but after seeing it, I immediately went onto Amazon to purchase a copy. I eagerly await any future films. It was obvious from the remarkable candid portrayal of Scene 54 how profoundly dedicated and focussed everyone was in creating this masterpiece.

All I can say is thank you for a wonderful experience.
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