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at 05:46, 28 Feb 2006
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Beautiful shots overhead the bed
Two of the most contemplative, still, and gorgeous shots in both Orlando and Yes are overhead shots of the characters in bed--moments of unwinding sigh. I can't recall if there are similar shots in your other films----but I detect a reoccurring opportunity of stillness marking the next undcerstandings for the film. This isn't to simply imply the brewing sexual relationship, but there is a very long pause in those moments----viewers hearts break, tears are shed, and great sighing----but the scene is completely still---- In all regards you are the master of the poetics of stillness----SALUD! Any thoughts on these particualr scenes or your approaches to pace?
sally potter
at 10:30, 28 Feb 2006
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stillness, beds etc
Bed shots are always an interesting challenge ....and i guess at least twice i have found the same solution, shoot from above. There are simple reasons to do with the geomettry of the face when it is horizontal (better not to shoot up the nostrils, for example), but i also find that a kind of 'hovering' position for the camera - not that easy to achieve, technically - creates an out of body feeling that in turns creates a subliminal tension with the feeling of being in the minds and bodies of the protagonists. Oppositional tension, or contradiction, is the stuff of drama, as we know, and i try to find visual equivalents for this principle.
Concerning stillness: in an age of frantic activity, fast cutting, over-stimulated, caffeine-enriched everything, the search for stillness, contemplation, simply....being....can bring tears of relief. sometimes we go too fast to notice we are alive.
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