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at 11:23, 10 Mar 2008
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No and Zero
I've woken full of it, this YES, having come across it by chance last night. I quite fancy the idea of a world in which NO has less letters than YES, and a big fat zero at its end, and we can accept things get messy. that may sound obscure but so much of that beautiful verse was suggestive, and I was entranced, spellbound, and fascinated by a camera that lets us pry as well as partake. I've not ever come across a full screenplay in verse, (Shakespeare remakes aside) I'm not a film buff so maybe there are thousands but it wound me closer to it somehow, even though it draws your attention to the form. WONDERFUL. I want to read the words in print, and keep them bound somehow in my head. I thought that quirky clean philosopher a real treat. and the heartbreak of a relationship bitten by a historical rift, an ancestoral creation over which we have no control, it seems, filled me with sorrow. I often think we could afford to wail and hurl ourselves over those that die on us, so the Aunty passing with such a desire to be grieved in that bare room rolled a few down my cheek... it was unique, a unique experience this film. THANKS. AMAZING STUFF>SKYE LONERAGAN
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