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Karin Sporer
at 05:08, 3 Apr 2006
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Dear Sally,

I have seen YES three times. It was the first time in my life I went to the cinema on two consecutive days to see the same film and then again a couple of weeks later to see it once more. So far I have only seen it in German, it works well, but I am looking foward to see the original version. I live in a small town with not much attractions, but one of its miracles is a wonderful small cinema where YES was shwon for a couples of weeks. I felt very strong about all the aspects on world politics and individual lifes and how beautifully the films talks about it. What touched me most was this really so extraordinary way of using the language. I read about it in reviews before and couldn't imagine how it would be like. I think it is great, beautiful, so different, to see that this beauty and power of language has the same importance as the pictures was so interesting. It was a real discovery for me, this film did more than I had ever expected cinema could do with me. I am afraid I did not say anything which had not been said before about YES but it is also the first time I feel such a necessity to express my emtions about a piece of art. So I want to thank you for adding this view to the world.
best wishes
at 18:26, 8 Apr 2006
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Invisible Poetry
Beyond the rhyme the poetry exists in the invisible changes that occur in the film. Nothing is forever, everything can change, and in that I find real hope. Your films are 'haunting' yes, and magical...they move like music and water over rocks. Thank you.
sally potter
at 01:42, 16 Apr 2006
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Karin, I am honoured that you were motivated enough to see YES three times and to write about your experience in this way.
It is also very good for me to know that the film worked in translation. Don’t worry about ‘not saying anything new’…first, that is not true (I haven’t heard about the German dubbed version before from anyone) and second, what comes through in your message is your feeling, expressed in a way which is unique to you, giving me a real sense of how the film has communicated across another national boundary. This means a lot to me.

Larry, the impermanent nature of all things has been the hardest truth to understand and accept for me, bringing with it a great sense of loss. But parallel with the melancholy is a joy, not only in celebration of the present moment, but also in knowing that even the very worst phenomena in history also pass.
I am glad you find hope in contemplating change in this way, and that YES has played some part in this.
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