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at 19:58, 25 Nov 2005
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why no english subtitles on the DVD??
the DVD does not offer an option for English subtitles (or subtitles for the hearing impaired)...many films offer this feature and it comes in handy even for films in English especially where various English accents are involved...why a film that relies so heavily on the spoken word like "Yes" would overlook this feature is puzzling
sally potter
at 04:52, 2 Dec 2005
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I agree with you. Decisions about what to include or leave out on dvds are ultimately made by the distributors in each territory, in this case Sony Classics. I will pass your message on to them for future reference. I am particularly concerned about the hearing impaired. The question of accents seems to me to be in a different category, as the music of each voice has its own delights even when it is hard to understand. I have trouble with some American accents, for example, but rather enjoy the puzzle, for it reminds me how many ways there are to speak English, each of which has its own validity and beauty.
at 20:26, 28 Jan 2006
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I just saw the film for the first time. I'm still pondering it. I very much would have appreciated captions for the film as I am slightly hard of hearing, and most of the kitchen scenes were lost on me, although I caught the gyst of them, I do wish I could have savored the words.
at 03:16, 6 Mar 2006
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- German subtitles -
It all gets more confusing with German subtitles!

I was lucky to see the film in the original version (and not mutilated by dubbing). But - both slightly hard of hearing and not a native speaker - I occasionally had to refer to the subtitles (esp. the kitchen scenes).
The common dilemma in translating poetry, whether to keep the metre and make concessions to the content or to translate the words but abandon the form, had been solved by deciding on the former; nicely done, by the way. To adapt to the 'melody', very often sentences had to be turned around, changed, expressions altered, words or even paragraphs swapped. Logically, the subtitles didn't serve their purpose as 'crutch'.
So I ll wait for the German DVD and hope it will feature English subtitles.

Nevertheless, YES was an indescribable pleasure. It has definitely been one of the films that entertained, moved and impressed me most.
My greatest compliments, Ms. Potter. Thank you very much!
sally potter
at 09:05, 29 Mar 2006
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i am glad to hear that the german translation worked well, and also it is good to be reminded again about the importance of subtitles for the hearing impaired. I will certainly make sure that in all future discussions with distributors about DVDs this is at the forefront of all our minds.
at 19:34, 20 May 2006
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My DVD came in the mail today and I loved it. I watched the film twice but was unable to understand the soft voice of the maid or the loud voices of the kitchen workers. It is likely that I may be slightly hearing impaired because I occasionally miss dialogue in films on the big screen.

Is it possible that a transcript is available? I would enjoy reading the poetry.

at 10:48, 22 May 2006
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You can purchase a copy of the YES screenplay via the Screenplay section of our website: It is also possible to preview its first five pages.
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