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sarah f
at 09:32, 28 Oct 2006
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I just wanted to say what an extraordinary film I thought Yes was, one of the most original,inventive and inspiring I have seen. I was almost moved to tears.
I am studying film at the moment and am working on my dissertation, looking at relationships between film and poetry, of which Yes, is exemplary. To me, the film seems to be an exploration of language and how it can be used to explore things such as love, desire, race/ethnic realtions etc. It is poetic in the way it explores the "bigger picture." I thought the use of the cleaner as an intermediary was one of the most brilliant aspects of the film.
I'd be interested in what others think of the relationships between cinema and poetry, as it's something I am trying to work out for myself.
at 14:57, 4 Nov 2006
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Hello Sarah
I've never studied this subject academically but it's something of great interest to me, too. I think this film has a resounding impact as it entwines the aspect of poetry with deeply important politics, both in personal relationships and broader global debates. It is daring to use a script entirely in rhyme, but to me this is only one part of a film that can make it poetic. As you say the language is used to explore the themes but to me somehow the expansive nature of the themes is heightened and emphasised, it's almost an invert, by the use of a strict poetic structure.
I have found poetry is often dismissed as a self indulgent art form. I too fall in to this trap. But truthfully I believe poetry is about visions, and the choice of words is at the core of communicating these visions to others. In a film the visual element (of the vision:) is exposed more blatantly which I imagine is enlightening in the creative process, but it also creates potential for the conveyed meaning - outwards towards sound and light, location, gesture, expression, which (I imagine again) is a scary time for the creator. In this sense I think these unique elements of film become words in their own right.
This is such a hard subject to talk about! It seems to spiral round and round with layers over layers.
I suppose my main problem with talking about art is about the conflict between the inititial creative moment vs. the development process. A film is such a constructed medium but when we watch a good one it is satisfying and replenishing because it can gently tap us on the shoulder or pull open our eyes enough to feel something afresh, so that when we are no longer in front of the stimulus, when we depart from the art, we are honoured to carry with us a small share in the vision.
This is such a powerful film, and I think the script is great, but (repeating myself), to me this is not what makes this film poetic. It is everything else in the film that in a way distracts from the formality of this as a poem that makes the pieces of poetry fit into a harmony together.
I'd be really interested to hear about other films you are studying in this field. Good luck with the dissertation!
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