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at 17:20, 22 Jun 2006
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yes, encore, and once more, yes
Dear Sally,

For the first time I am moved to write to a director about a film, Yes. It was difficult, at first, to know what forum to post to, but poetry seemed the most natural to me, not least because it too expresses something vital, poiesis, creation, which also resounds the affirmative yes. Your film, and the work of all its actors and contributors, is one of the most remarkable I have experienced, ever.

I was wondering how long it took you to write the script/poetry?

sally potter
at 05:43, 17 Jul 2006
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First, apologies to you and all those who have had to wait for a reply on this message board. I have been in an internet-free zone for some time, but am now re-connected and will endeavour to catch up.
'Ah, poetry', one of my favourite lines in the Orlando screenplay, expresses for me too, the yearning, the longing, for the state of emotional clarity which verse can induce, where even pain, in being expressed with precision, can attain a quality of revelation.

Reading poetry and writing it are for me closely related activities. I enjoy aspiring, (as Artur Schnabel said about playing the piano) to something greater than I can ever attain. Actually he said he enjoyed playing music that was greater than it could ever be played.

In answer to your question, YES took about a year, I think, to write...but the re-writes went on through the shoot and even in the cutting room. From the first word to the first public screening of the film (in Telluride) was exactly three years.
at 19:52, 18 Nov 2006
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This is the first time I've written to a poet, also. I love words, though, and I was profoundly moved by the words in YES. I didn't even see the whole movie (I will, though) but I was moved and intrigued enough to see if the words were written down. I was comforted to find they are written in book format, so I can buy it and reread it over and over, like my other poetry books which I keep on my nightstand. The Auntie's death and the lover coming at the exact moment and then the psycho-like cleaning lady, they were all beautifully woven together. I just want to say thank you for sharing your gift.
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