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Richard Morris
at 02:55, 5 Mar 2007
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Yes study group
Dear Sally

About two years ago, three of us, as an offshoot of our local reading group, formed a small study group to look at certain works of fiction in more detail. We felt that by reading the books more thoroughly and having no time limit for the discussion, we could get far more out of them. Our group is two women and one man, two of us English, one Welsh, all around 60 years old. We far exceeded our expectations, sparking ideas off each other, gaining a far deeper understanding of these works of literature, throwing light on people’s behaviour. And we really enjoyed it!

As an experiment, we decided to branch out into film study and chose Yes. This, too, succeeded wonderfully. We had the DVD and bought the screenplay book as well. We watched the film individually, read the screenplay notes, then watched the film together, pausing whenever we felt it appropriate for discussion. We used all the material, film, featurettes and screenplay. And we got so much out of it. Given time, we could write a really positive review, but this would probably just repeat what is already on your web site and wouldn’t add much to what you or your correspondents have already said. Not all the public reviews seem to give the film the credit it deserves: I was particularly surprised by the BBC film reviewer who seemed largely to have missed the point.

Anyway, I’d just like to thank you for coming up with one of the best movies we have seen, and certainly the one most relevant to today. And we got a fascinating and compelling insight into film-making from the featurettes. They really added depth to our understanding of the film.

With best wishes for the future,


sally potter
at 14:03, 14 May 2007
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Yes study group
I would love to have been a fly on the wall during your discussions. It gives me great pleasure to know when and how the work finds new life in the hands minds eyes ears of others.
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