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at 20:31, 28 Jan 2006
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A request to Ms. Potter
My grandfather died not to long ago. I just saw your film for the first time tonight and was moved to tears during the scene with the aunt. Would you please print the last few stanzas of poetry that the aunt said? It would be of great comfort to me. I know that I can buy the book, and if I ever see it, and have the money, I certainly will. BUt right now, those words would provide a great deal of comfort to my family I think.

Thank you.
at 03:56, 3 Feb 2006
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Please post your email address so that we can email these lines to you.

Should you wish to you can also buy the book through the SCREENPLAY link at the top of the site.
sally potter
at 12:51, 23 Feb 2006
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your request
I am so sorry to hear of your loss and glad that the auntie's words could be of some comfort.
do you have a copy of the screenplay yet? if you dont and also do not wish to post your email address here I will arrange for the stanzas to be typed in here, or will do it myself.
at 14:02, 5 Jan 2007
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Aunt's poem
Dear Ms. Potter,
I am a huge fan of yours and studied your work in my feminist film theory classes in college. YES ran on cable just before Christmas and I watched it again with my mom. She just passed away on Jan. 3. We both cried during the Aunt's scene in the hospital - it's the last time I spent time with her before she went in to the hospital. I would love to get a copy of this poem for the funeral on Monday. None of the bookstores in the area have a copy of the screenplay and I'm hoping that, if you get this message in the next couple of days, you would be kind enough to email that passage to me.
Respectfully yours,
sally potter
at 11:01, 6 Jan 2007
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dear Debbie,
I am so sorry to hear that you have lost your mother. I do hope that this poem, copied below, can continue to be a comfort to you. I am assuming that you were referring to this passage in the sequence with the aunt, when she is, in effect, speaking 'from the other side'.
I will also forward the poem to your email address. I hope you receive it in time for the funeral. If you need a different part of the screenplay please let me know.
With warm wishes to you and your family,

If and when I die
I want to see you cry
I want to see you tear your hair
Your howls of anguish fill the air
I want to see you beat your breast
And rent your clothes and all the rest
And, sobbing, fall upon my bed…
I want to know that I am dead.

I want to know I’m part of you
And that you cannot bear me being torn away
I want to see you dressed in black
With red-rimmed eyes
From sleepless nights of grieving
I want to hear you protest
At me leaving
I want to see you in each other’s arms
And wailing
See you kick a chair and punch the wall
And see you, moaning, fall
Upon the ground and scream…
I want to know this isn’t just a dream.

I want my death to be just like my life
I want the mess, the struggle, and the strife
I want to fight and see you fight for me
I want to hear your last regrets
The things you wish you’d done and said -
In fact I’d like that just before I’m dead –
Don’t let them put you off
Or make you go, or say it’s bad
For me, or makes it hard for me to leave…
It won’t be true. I want to see you grieve.

Don’t let me drown in silence
All pious and polite
Let’s make a lot of noise!
A different kind of light
Will fill the room.
I want my death to wake you up
And clean you out
And as I end
I’ll hear you shout…
No! No!

But I will go.

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