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Chris Campbell
at 19:30, 4 Jan 2006
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Yes is the most beautiful word
Thank you so much for such a remarkable film. I have a theory about films and filmmaking in that what goes on behind the camera with the cast and crew translates onto the screen. You can't fake caring, and it comes through in the film and went straight to my heart. While I love an intellectual exercise, I wasn't prepared for the power that the poetry of the dialogue, the performances, the shooting, editing and score combined to have. I sat down at the end of a long day to watch the film on DVD and now I'm filled with hope and joy. I've never seen a film like it and you've created something singular and wonderful. Thank you for making it with love and care and honesty. The world needs this now.
at 22:27, 27 Feb 2006
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"What I learned...mostly
was that you didn’t give back to the same people who gave to you….You didn’t give back to the same people at all. You gave to different people. And they, in turn, gave to someone else, entirely. Not you. That was the sloppy economy of gift and love.” Lorrie Moore, _Who will run the frog hospital?_

Ms. Sally Potter:

What a good and wonderful thing to be able to write personally to you to thank you for your gift.

You see, having seen this movie and been both devestated and re-built by this movie, all while sitting in the blessed dark of a theater...I still (months later) find it hard to construct an appropriate response to its offering.

I have yet to completely describe how this movie affected me (and I am affected heavily by works of art, be they paintings, novels, or the ridiculous shade of a leaf thrown off by a Vermont tree in fall).

How can a film describe all the important things so well - after all, I am nothing like the characters in this film, and it does not even closely resemble my life - and yet, and yet...

it so completely gets its right (my life included) : and gets it right about all the important stuff: life, communication and love. what it means to be human in this inexpressibly impossible moment in the world.

thank you for this film. this creation and gift.

Laurel R. Berge
Santa Fe, NM

sally potter
at 14:34, 2 Mar 2006
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dear chris campbell, dear laurel berge
I want to thank you for taking the time to write in with your words of encouragement, for that is what they are even if you did not intend them that way. On the surface they are about something i have already done, put out into the world, let go of... I am now in the process of starting again on the long journey of a new film, day after day at the writing table, and there are dark, bleak moments, when it seems impossible. Today was one such day, and your messages have sustained me.
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