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at 05:04, 4 Mar 2006
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Yes to YES
Dear Ms. Potter:

After being ill and in bed for several days, my wife arrived home last evening with a few DVDs with which to pass the dull hours – your film YES among them. No light fare this! I was astonished and inspired by your extraordinary film, but the timing of it added to its deliciousness for me. Having lately set the Ophelia songs from Hamlet for an orchestral performance in New York, that project started me re-reading and re-thinking Shakespeare, whose works I have been consuming voraciously over the past few months. Imagine my surprise to see a contemporary film with a script in verse! With the maid, the chorus! You are so bold! The rhythms of Shakepeare already reverberating in me, your film struck a deep chord – the language was modern, but it sprang right out of the year 1600 – everything about it was just right – rhythms, richness of thought, feeling. I think old Will would have tipped his hat to you – as do I.

And your theme…

Can love redeem us from the madness of the passionately divided? Reason tells us NO, but our hearts must keep saying YES – or else, how can we go on? I hope (against reason, perhaps) that your lovely, poignant film will touch hearts that are not already converted.


Stan Grill
Haworth, NJ
sally potter
at 05:11, 16 Apr 2006
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I hope so too, of course. Letters, messages posted here, and above all personal encounters with so many individuals at screenings would suggest that the hunger for a way to reach out across division is profound and omnipresent. I have found it a hopeful dialogue, and often inspiring.
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