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at 17:03, 30 May 2006
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oui, si, yes
I just finished reading the screenplay of "Yes" and I can't get it out of my head. It keeps rolling about...I am transfixed...transformed. Sally writes and is able to express emotion and images in a way I could never hope to yet I feel now, in a way, I don't have to. I can breathe.
at 06:58, 15 Jun 2006
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If you loved the screenplay, wait until you see the movie!
My husband and I happened upon YES on our Starz channel. Both of us sat there transfixed, amazed, elevated and enchanted. The lyricism of the dialogue, the weaving between internal monologues and dialogue, the nostalgia and physical beauty of the film blew me away. I wanted to paint the images, but of course, that's what this film is, a moving painting. Very moving. And also charmingly droll. Loved it!
Sheila Curran,author
Diana Lively is Falling Down, Penguin USA, 2005
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