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The Oscars

Later that night, the last night in Mexico City, I lie in bed in the hotel room and watch the Academy Awards on television.  Following the brilliantly global perspective of the films in competition in Mexico City, the awards seem arrogantly orientated to the English language, and North American cinema in particular.  How insulting it seems that the rest of world cinema is reduced to the ‘Best Foreign Film’ category.  And of course it’s really all about the frocks.  I watch hours of the pre-and post-show frock analysis; waiting for malice, I am disappointed to find very little; apparently nearly everyone has been terrorized into avoiding the ‘worst dressed’ category; ‘It takes a village’ says Oprah Winfrey ‘to look this good.’

But Chris Rock, the compere comedian, is impressively subversive in his opening monologue; I laugh out loud.  And it is good to see African-American actors honored.  But why do we all scrabble for little statuettes, for gold stars, for that kind of recognition?  Why do we think we work in ‘the best job in the world’ as several people said, tearfully?  I find myself thinking of how it must feel to be one of those billions of deserving workers in every field who are never honoured for their efforts; who never feel the glow of appreciation, can never bask in a spotlight; can never, even for a moment, feel ‘special’, feel seen.

I know from my own experience, however, that receiving awards is not how it appears.  Success brings envy, sometimes even hatred, from others.  One feels exposed, vulnerable, at what should be the moment of greatest celebration.

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