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Mike Newman
at 04:09, 12 Apr 2005
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Response to Yes
After seeing Yes at the Telluride Film Festival, I don't believe words can do the justice that the film deserves in describing it because Yes goes beyond the reach of words to touch people on a much deeper, more profound level. Nevertheless, I’ll at least attempt to find the words that will express my thoughts. First and foremost, as an aspiring, young filmmaker and poet, I have found the greatest difficulty in making a truly poetic film, yet with Yes Sally Potter was able to synthesize both art forms beautifully in a literal sense with the rhyming verse and a metaphorical sense in how she deals with life and human nature. In a day and age where films dealing with East/West relations are being made to preach to the choir and only present one side of the equation, Yes was able to go beyond this type of political thinking and show how despite our vast external differences, we all share in the same experience of being human. Yes resonated with me so well because it deals with this struggle of human nature so perfectly and it seems to be able to find the balance that’s lacking in this world we live in. What made this film even greater is the fact that while dealing with significant subject matter, it was still able to remain remarkably humorous about it while not diminishing any of its seriousness. This creates a beautiful, harmonious tension and allows us to see that there is humor in everything when we allow ourselves to see it. Simply speaking, Yes is hilarious and honest, brilliant and beautiful, poetic and poignant.

at 13:37, 4 Dec 2005
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Purchasing Yes on DVD
Can you tell us when we will be able to buy YES in the United States? I want to order a copy for about six of my friends!!
at 05:03, 7 Dec 2005
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YES is currently available on DVD in the USA.

For more info click here to go to the DVD page of this site

Or buy the DVD through Sony;sid=Cmj5d4VICy34QMYyH2rzfMpH1mDFNt6tX30=?CategoryName=mtv&Dept=moviesmusic&ProductSKU=CTR10906DVD&aecURL=Movies%2fMovie%2easpx%3fprodid%3dCTR10906DVD&DCMP=CTH&HQS=CTR10906DVD#

Or Amazon
at 14:48, 26 Jun 2006
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Response to Yes
Sally: I just saw "Yes" on a cable television station in California yesterday. I was rendered speechless.

What prose! I first picked up on it when the lead actress was making her "beginning-of-life" presentation. It took a moment for this American to pick up on the "accent" of some of the actors and thus register the prose. Then I thought it would be used for this scene only. But the prose itself engaged me and lured me to keep watching.

I was next intrigued by the passion of the two main characters who each found a type of erotic intrigue and freedom in the other. The filming was outstanding. The actors superb. I especially liked the "pregnant pauses" - the pain, lonliness, passion, query, wonder, longing, disappointment all found in the most amazing glances, looks and...heavy breathing if you will.

This is a remarkable piece of filmmaking. The issues of faith (God or no God?), oppression, and of being present but not I could relate as an African American woman. I think Ralph Ellison summed it up when he wrote "Invisible Man."

In "Yes," how powerful it was to hear the Turkish lover proclaim that his Irish-American "girlfriend" knew not ONE WORD of his language! So simple, yet nothing she ever considered doing. Oh, there is so much richness to discuss about this film. I could go on (loved the dying aunt's thoughts), but will sum it up by congratulating you and your crew for this film - the images of which will stand the test of time.
at 16:29, 6 Aug 2006
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Response to "Yes"
This is the first occasion in which I have been moved sufficiently by a film to seek to record a public opinion.
I saw "Yes" last night and was exhlarated by the language, the acting, the story and the raw intelligence of it all.
Sally Potter has done for film making what Joni Mitchell did for folk music. She has added new dimensions and has done so with grace and elegance. A work of art!
sally potter
at 03:33, 17 Oct 2006
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Thank you! I love the word ‘grace’. It is so rarely used, in any context.
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