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at 05:55, 8 Jul 2005
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Making your own YES playlist...
Did anyone else feel inspired to make their own soundtrack to YES (in lieu of the release coming soon...) I felt there were so many songs and artists that the film reminded me of that I wanted to make a playlist, juxtaposing East and West, instrumental and voice, anger and love, and so on... Here it is - I'd love to see others & share discoveries.

Atair by Armand Amar, from La Traversee - original and stunning mix of traditional middle eastern instruments and voice and slow electro beats, very atmospheric.

Israel And Palestine: A Solution by Nanook Of The North, from The Taby Tapes - a strange love song that, like the film, offers up love as a solution to "the empire of the broken heart"

Your Next Bold Move by Ani DiFranco, from Reckoning (Disc 2) - "Coming of age during the plague of Reagan and Bush / Watching capitalism burn down democracy / Had this funny effect on me / I guess." And it has a guitar part that Anthony could rock out to ;)

Two Months Off by Underworld, from A Hundred Days Off - I've been totally obsessed with this song, written to celebrate the lead singer's birth, since I saw the video, which just features the singer jumping up and down in a puddle in the rain, singing "You bring light in / To a dark place" over a euphoric beat

Me vs. The World by Weekend, from Good Grooming for Girls - this is Grace's song; in fact, this CD, put out by riot grrl mag Shameless, is Grace's album, full of good teenrage and heartbreak

The Centre by Tanya Donelly, from Whiskey Tango Ghosts - delicate. incisive. romantic and sharp-edged at the same time. sound familiar?

Moudja {The Wave} by Souad Massi, from Deb (Heart Broken) - Algeria's Ani Difranco sings in Algerian, French and English; this song has all three. At the Royal Festival Hall she called it "a lovely song" (meaning "a love song") and it's both.

Rockets Fall On Rocket Falls by Godspeed You Black Emperor!, from Yanqui U.X.O. - soundscape artists GYBE turn their slow-burning beats on the Palestinian conflict and produce this epic drama of a song.

Etheric Messages by The Natacha Atlas & Marc Eagleton Project, from Foretold in the Language of Dreams - Natacha Atlas is one of the Middle East's most successful singers, and this track sees her communing with Gurdjieff, showing that electropop (like the movies) can take its weight in metaphysics.

Desert by Trespassers William, from Anchor - random find, melancholy and addictive

Joyful Girl (Peace And Love Extended Mix) by Ani DiFranco, from More Joy Less Shame - another Ani track, because it speaks to why we make art and fall in love, and sings about how we look at ourselves in the mirror and reckon with our gods

But this playlist could have been fifteen times as long. What else out there is hitting similar notes to YES (musically, politically, thematically). Has any group written a song about Joan Allen? If not, why not?
sally potter
at 10:53, 4 Aug 2005
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your list
what a tempting list. many i have not yet heard, but will now try to find.
thank you.
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