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at 08:26, 27 Apr 2006
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Sergey Gnilitskiy
Dear Sally Potter,

I am Sergey Gnilitskiy, TV director from Latvia. I have seen a number of your films ("Orlando", "The Tango Lesson", "The Man Who Cried"), all of which I find very close to me due to the spirit of music that saturate your films. This spirit is of rare occurence in modern cinema, and your films have been a source of inspiration for myselft as well as my professional activities. Ŗecently I saw your film "The Man Who Cried" once again, after what I decided to write to you some words of gratitude. In my opinion you are one of the most original contemporary film directors. Your films have been a great school for me. Thank you for that.

As a sign of my gratitude I would like to present you two documentaries directed by me and a couple of CD’s with the related music performed by countertenors. The documentary " Farinelli. Show must go on " is based on a single concert devoted to the 300th anniversary of the birth of Farinelli that took place in Riga last year. Although this documentary is simple, its strength is in music, especially the arias from operas "Bajazet" (A. Vivaldi), "Talestri" (M.A.Walpurgis), "Alcina" (Haendel) were fantastic. My last documentary "Faith to Oneself" is about God that is nothing but Love. However hard a person may deny the Founder, God still loves everyone. But we all can make way back to God like Peter did in "The Gospel according to St. Matthew ". The aria "Erbarme Dich" from Bach’s "St. Matthew Passion", the musical theme of this documentary, is reminiscent of God’s love to us. God is almighty, but He cannot make us to love Him.

Can I leave my documentaries and music records for you at Adventure Pictures sometime during my visit to England from May 3 until May 6t?

Sincerely yours,
Sergey Gnilitskiy
sally potter
at 08:03, 28 Apr 2006
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thank you, Sergey, i would love to see and hear your work. Someone from my office will be in touch.
at 03:08, 30 May 2006
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CDs & DVDs
These have been received. Thank you.
at 11:41, 30 May 2006
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Thank you.
I hope at Sally Potter time will look and listen DVDs & CDs.
Very best wishes,

at 15:46, 7 Jul 2006
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Hello from Tokyo!

Dear Ms.Potter,

Buenas noches de Japon!
I am happy to have found your great site, and sad to find no answer (yet) about Mr.Gnilitskiy’s fantastic DVDs!
Searching our Latvian TV director, I have luckilly come to your pages!
Yes, I am fond of Sally Potter’s films (especially "Orlando" and "The Man Who Cried" for now). Each of your films has miraculously a new taste, not similar to the before one!
Needless to say that Ms.Potter is a great story-teller, but also...How beautifully you describe the Night! Impressive light in the dark, and everything happens just like in a dream (Could I ask you why using most of nocturn scenes in films?). I love also your selection of music. I feel some softness even in a hard story.
I am waiting in joy your next production.
I hope that you are interested in Farinelli of our times, too. As a worshipper of Mister Soprano (of course "Mr.Soprano" is only one in the world!), I went to Riga in April for his historical concert (Before: Hamburg, Nord de France, Interlaken...) There, Mr.Gnilitskiy gave me that very rare DVDs.
All my respects,

amatrice de cinema et de music,

P.S.: Very happy to know that you have sometimes visits to my city! And I am sorry for my little vocabulary...
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