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Alejandro Ibaez Lara
at 23:06, 5 Aug 2006
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The Tango Lesson
Hello Sally, my name is Alejandro, im studing Visual Comunication, then (in 2007) i will study fo filmmaking in the CUEC, i like to know all about directors, watching their films i try to understand them, i seems that every story like every writer tell us about their passions, their darkest secrets (watch Amacord, Bocaccio 70 and 8 1/2 and la dulce vita and you`ll see that Fellini loved parties, and most of it woman). Then i chosse to watch your work, and i loves your style, you know in a perfect way how to pick music, of course if you pick up one of the greatest minimal contemporany composers in our time "Glass", you will add more art to your films. i like how you tell stories about "woman", and their freedom, their problems, ho and also you add the perfect attitude that i love from woman "their shyness" i bet that you are shy too, or you like to be shy, sometimes, your caracters turn the tide and make hard decisions, like going to a diferent country (also tells me that you love to travel, a lot), and my favorite one: they know (like all women) how to convince men to return them to their lives. (i hope it work with a girl that i know haha).

If you come to Mexico and you need a stunt or an extra, please count on me, you should do a movie here in mexico. Like Woody Allen said: "its a great and beautifull place to make stories believe me", Well...actually he refers to NY haha, but now this words are mine, and i consider that it can be use in Mexico.

Take care, keep writing because i like to watch your movies and diary



I have 3 questions:

What painting is the one you chosse in the Tango Lesson? I know is Jewish and the gusy is Jacob right?

and please i would like you to write in your diary the storie about why you chosse this painting. Do you know Remedios Varo?, she is fantastic, her world.
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