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at 09:33, 30 Oct 2006
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Documentary film collective
Dear Sally Potter,

We are an international collective of filmmakers and researchers in London looking for a UK freelance producer or production company to co-produce and commission our project line up. We are currently concentrating in topics related to Africa and the socio-economic situation of its citizens as well as other cultural documentary ideas.

We are already in the process of pre-producing several projects to be filmed in Africa, Europe and America. We also start shooting our documentary A UNIQUE GREEK WEDDING in November with a completion scheduled for the end of 2007. Currently we have some funds for our present production and are looking to acquire funding for upcoming projects.

Our latest documentary, RASTAMIA - Introducing Rastafari culture, will premier in London soon. We will be sending you invitations to the event if you would like to attend.

You can find out more about us by visiting our website at

We would like to hear from any interested parties open to the idea of co-production.

I apologize if this email is not suitable to post in this message box.

Kind regards,

Efren Gonzalez
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