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at 02:41, 15 Nov 2006
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distribution of YES
hello.. firstly should say i enjoyed YES very much. Not only original and thought provoking but hugely 'watchable' something which films that have political sub-texts rarely achieve in my opinion. But no widespread distribution in the UK? With relevent subject matter, beautiful cinematography and use of color and outstanding performances...

Does anyone else find this distressing? Sally, did you anticipate this? I saw in a press release that Optimum had aqquired the film, but still - no general release? Any thoughts would be much appreciated.

sally potter
at 10:04, 7 Dec 2006
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It did get a release, but it was on the minimal side. Thankfully there are dvds, which ensure the longer life of a film. YES is one of those films, it would seem, that does not necessarily go big at the first weekend (it would never get the necessary marketting to ensure that was the case) but has, as they say, a long tail.
If i had to choose between big splash then forgotten or slow burn and remembered, i would choose the latter.
but which filmmaker does not dream of reaching a wider audience on big screens across the country?
My films have often done least well at 'home'. This is one of the ways I have learnt that cinema is truly an international medium, and that we find our audiences and our friends in often surprising and unpredictable ways.
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