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Alejandro Ibaez Lara
at 23:27, 5 Aug 2006
Posts: 4
The tango lesson
hay me, but away, you dance tango very, "VERY GOOD", well considerating that im writting to one of the most important figures in ballet story. they should do more pictures about ballet, like Tout près des étoiles: Les danseurs de l'Opéra de Paris, do you know a movie about a ballet dancer?, and im not talking about in a american-film-way, i mean a real cinema art, like yours, i had hoped that Krzysztof Kieslowsk should did one, kind of he`s "the life of veronica", if i dont find a movie close to this, then i will make it, because i`m in the proccess of doing a painting about a ballet dancer.

and excuse me Sally, but i have one last question:

How can i see your first film?: Thriller

because i also i love opera, specially Callas and now Charlotte Church.
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