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at 02:46, 5 Nov 2006
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Hi Sally, I occasionally check out this website but hadn’t realized before that you actually answer people in this section who write to you (I hadn’t gone into the “talk to…” section before….), so how cool and exciting! And I’m also excited to learn you guys are putting together a compilation of the shorts, as I’ve wanted to find a way to watch them for awhile as well. Reading these blogs, I think of the positivity and encouragement you give to people, and what a big gift it is. I saw you in San Francisco when you interviewed Joan Allen, and you gave me this encouragement: to go for it (as a director), as I’m just finishing being a film student (formally), and it meant so much. The dvd for Yes came to a video store near me a few months ago (in Melbourne, Australia this year), and I loved the special features on the car park scene, and was in pre for my student film then, and was re-invigorated thinking of your perseverance against the restrictions you had - so thank you for putting that on, and one would never know based on the high quality of the final product. Kind Regards, Tawnya
sally potter
at 09:57, 7 Dec 2006
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We all need encouragement and i am happy to give it when I can.
a couple of winters ago I went to a lecture, one frosty evening, given by Tony Benn, a radical politician, now in his eighties, who gave up his work as a member of parliament - in his own words - 'so that i can devote myself to politics'.
he said he had come to the conclusion as he got older that one of his main tasks was now to give encouragement to younger people. i found it very moving.

One thing is sure in filmmaking. there is an obstacle at every turn. Once one accepts this and works with it as a principle, there is nothing to fear. Every obstacle or difficulty, including self-doubt, is potentially a way of refining the work, getting closer to its essence, whatever you perceive that to be.
at 22:30, 12 Dec 2006
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Thank you Sallie. I'm reminding myself of this- that there are obstacles always, and it is just how I deal with them that matters, how I look at them that I can control. So I'm practicing perseverance and creativity. I'm just out of school now, and we are having the screenings on, and the film is being received well. At the same time it is a scary, daunting time- to figure out how to approach the next phase of my career. ..Kind Regards, Tawnya
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